Sunbathing in a responsible way at Thermae 2000 in the solarium

In the solarium of Thermae 2000, you have the choice of sunbeds and Sun Showers. The use of tanning creates vitamin D and endorphins and this makes us happy. It also ensures that you have a nice equal brown skin gets. The warmth of the sun bed gives your body a good blood supply and this is good for both the muscles and the skin.


In the solarium you have the choice of several sunbeds. The sunbeds have a glass with UV lamps at the top and bottom, this makes sure that you will get evenly brown on both the front and back. Costs for the solarium is € 5, - for 10 minutes.

Sun Showers

In the Sun Showers you will get a literally warm sun shower in 11 minutes: up to 48 quick tan lamps give you a healthy complexion and a relaxed feeling. The cost for using the Sun Shower is € 9.50 for 11 minutes.

You do not need to book in advance for use of the solarium. As a guest of Thermae 2000, you can scan your wristband.