Sunbathing in a responsible way at Thermae 2000 in the solarium

Are you looking for a sunbed in Valkenburg, then Thermae 2000 is the right place for you. In the solarium of Thermae 2000 you can choose from several sunbeds and Sun Showers. The use of the sunbed makes vitamin D and endorphins and that makes us happy. It also ensures that you get a beautiful even tan. The warmth of the sunbed gives your body a good blood circulation and this is good for both muscles and skin.

No sun? Tanning anyway!

In the solarium you have a choice of tanning beds. With a sunbed, you have a glass plate with UV lamps at the top and bottom so that you tan evenly on both the front and back.

Costs solarium

The cost for the sunbed is €7,95- for 10 minutes. 

For the use of the solarium you do not need to make a reservation in advance. As a guest of Thermae 2000 you can scan the use on your wristband.