Steambathpourings, Unique at Thermae 2000

Something truly unique is the steam bath pouring. It does not take place in a normal sauna, but in one of the steam baths. No oil on stones, but a special combination of heat and cold. Here you will experience a special pouring. 

Since 2017, the unique steam bath casting has been added to the programme. You can participate twice a day. Would you like to take part in a steam bath cast during your wellness day? Don't forget to register at the pool post, there are a limited number of places available.

The steam bath pouring

No water with a fragrant oil is poured on the stove during the heating in our steam bath, but one of our employees raises the temperature. After all, the humidity of the steam bath is already high enough. In order to make this infusion extra special, heat and cold are combined with each other and you will enjoy a special rub.

Advantages of this unique experience

The scent will be spread in a special way. This steam bath casting brings a lot of advantages. For example, it stimulates the blood circulation, it works against insomnia and fatigue, it works preventively against winter feet and hands and it relieves rheumatism and joint pain.

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