Thermae Motion is a relaxation session in the water through floating. This is a different session than floating, because it uses a more passive form of movement. Because your body is passive, the session only lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

Relaxing in the pool

Everyone has the capacity to float in the water, partly because we ourselves are largely made up of water. In order to eliminate the differences of man, with different buoyancy, we use buoyancy material to enjoy the warm water to the fullest. Because of the light current you will be carried along by the bath. Because of this you will experience water and every movement more intensely and your different senses will be stimulated; the skin, by the flow and temperature of the bath and hearing, by the music and vibrations. 

The relaxation session

To relax even more, we use music. This is audible both above and under water. Water carries the body and the music as it were. During the session you can close your eyes. If you keep your eyes open, your eyes will be stimulated by different light forms and colors. These different colors have different positive effects.