Body treatments

Body Wrap Treatment

Hydrate, strengthen, or detox with a natural body wrap. Together you can enjoy a body wrap in a hot waterbed. 

A body wrap is a treatment where the body is packed while it is rubbed in with one of the treatments. Once you are packed, you will lay in a hot waterbed. This bed makes sure that there is no pressure on your body, which will completely relax you and is very good for muscles and joints. The heat of the waterbed will open up your pores which makes sure that the ingredients of the wrap will be taken in by the body. The dimensions of the waterbed during this body wrap are 70 x 190 cm. 


You can choose one of the following treatments:

  • Flexible moor clay
  • Detox algae
  • Moisturizing lavender
  • Vitalizing chocolate
  • Firming rose

As your body needs to rest during and after this treatment, you will be able to stay in our relaxing room after the body wrap. Here, your body will be allowed to rest and recover while you enjoy a nice cup of tea. 

Duo treatment

Enjoy the body treatment together for € 89,- instead of €99,-!

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