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Thermae 2000 is fully open again! 

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[Update: 21 September] Latest news regarding the coronavirus measures

During the latest press conference, conditions and relaxation measures that would allow social distancing requirements to be lifted were announced. These conditions affect your visit to Thermae 2000.

As of Saturday 25 September, COVID certificates are mandatory in restaurants, cinemas and theatres. As Thermae 2000 Spa Resort & Hospitality is a wellness resort with its own hotel and four catering establishments within the resort, these regulations also apply to your visit to Thermae 2000. The Corona Pass must be scanned before entering the facilities. Guests are not permitted to carry their cell phones while at Thermae 2000. Catering facilities are integrated into the bath and sauna landscape

Our basic philosophy of 'mens sana in corpore sano' is Latin for 'a sound mind in a sound body'. Sauna use contributes directly to good health and is part of a vital life. We would love to admit everyone into our resort without exclusions. However, the government and existing legislation currently require us to comply with these new rules for admission.

Beginning Saturday 25 September, guests will be required to show the CoronaCheck app (or a printed code) along with your identification when you check in with reception at the Thermae 2000 spa or hotel.

For more information, please visit

The only exceptions are situations in which you do not make use of the wellness facilities, such as treatments in the Paramedical Centre, a beauty treatment or massage without admission, or a group lesson in a (dry) room.

Read more about this under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

⇒ Do you wish to cancel?
This is permissible under the terms of the applicable cancellation policy. Did you make a reservation before 21 September and your desired cancellation does not meet the conditions for cancellation? We will be happy to work with you. Please send an email to stating that the cancellation is due to the Corona Pass requirements. 

⇒ Do you have a subscription and are unable to show the CoronaCheck app for each visit?
If you cannot or do not wish to comply with the applicable measures, you may send an email to We will then cancel your subscription completely (you will, of course, receive a refund for the unused portion of your subscription). If you choose to resume your Thermae 2000 subscription at a later date, we will be happy to welcome you back.

⇒ Can I come to my physiotherapy treatment or to the Paramedical Centre at Thermae 2000 without the CoronaCheck app?
If you only use the practice (and therefore no treatment in the water), it is not mandatory to have the CoronaCheck app scanned. We do, of course, assume that you are in good health. 

⇒ Can I take my group classes (physiofitness, yoga, etc.) without the CoronaCheck app?
Following group lessons (outside the water) is permitted without the app. However, if you wish to access the facilities after your group class, the CoronaCheck app will be requested at reception. 

⇒ Is the wellness centre open?
Yes, our wellness centre is fully open. 

⇒ Can I book a massage?
Yes, our massage parlour and beauty salon are open. You can book a massage, body treatment or facial. 

⇒ Is the hotel open?
The hotel of Thermae 2000 has been completely renovated during the lockdown. The completely new hotel is open again and we would like to welcome you on the Cauberg for a relaxing stay. Your hotel package includes two full days of access to our wellness facilities. 

⇒ Are the thermal baths open?
Yes, our pools and whirlpools are open. Our pools are heated and offer wonderful relaxation for body and soul. 

⇒ Are the saunas open? 
Yes, our entire sauna landscape is open. 

⇒ Can I go for my (physio) therapy?
All treatments in our Paramedic Centre (such as physiotherapy or 1-on-1 therapy in the water) are accessible. Group lessons in the outdoor pool are also possible again. 

⇒ Do you have a season ticket?
If so, you've been informed of the implications of the opening for your subscription. 

⇒ Do you have a voucher or credit?
Have you not yet redeemed your voucher or credit? Then you can use your voucher or credit for all our facilities. 



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