Information about Corona virus

[update 18 February] Latest news on the Coronavirus measures

Thermae 2000 fully open!

From Friday, February 18 until 11 p.m.

You can now completly visit Thermae 2000 again! From Friday the 18th of February onwards we will be open until 11 p.m. again, the social distancing measure is cancelled, and you no longer need to wear a mouth mask during your visit to Thermae 2000. 

To ensure that your visit to Thermae 2000 remains peaceful and relaxed, we continue to admit only a limited number of guests to our wellness centre. In this way, we ensure that you can comletely relax during your stay. Will we see you soon at Thermae 2000?


Sauna visit safe & healthy.

That a sauna visit is safe and healthy is something we have previously shared with you. The detailed article (published by industry association VNSWB) can be found at the bottom of this page.

Measures during your visit

The applicable measures can always be found at When you visit Thermae 2000 and make use of the facilities, we scan your Corona pass at the reception until the 25th of February. 

Finally, when making your reservation, please indicate the time slot in which you wish to arrive and depart. These time slots are leading and ensure that we can guarantee a good regulation and distribution of guests.

Frequently Asked Questions:

⇒ Is the wellness centre open?
The wellness center is open and you can use all bath and sauna facilities during your visit. As of Friday the 18th of February, Thermae 2000 will again be opened until 11 p.m. 

⇒ Can I book a massage?
Yes, you can book a massage or facial as of the 21st of January. 

⇒ Is the hotel open?
Yes, Thermae 2000's hotel is open. When choosing an overnight stayt, you will get two days of access to the wellness facilities. Check out is at 11:30 a.m. After this, you can use large lockers and showers for all your stuff in a separate locker room for hotel guests.

⇒ Do I have to scan the QR code in the Corona Check app?
Yes, upon entry we will scan the QR code in the Corona Check app and ask for your ID. As of February 25, you do not need to show this QR code anymore. For the rules regarding the QR code, please visit:

⇒ Should I wear a mouth mask?
No, wearing a mouth mask is no longer obligatory as of February 18.

⇒ Can I go for my (physio)therapy?
All treatments in our Paramedic Centre are allowed.

⇒ Can I come to my physiotherapy treatment or to Thermae 2000's  Paramedic Centre without the Corona Check app?
If you only use the practice (and therefore have no treatment in the water), it is not obligatory to have the Corona Check app scanned. However, we do assume that you are in good health.


Sauna is healthy!

On January 7, our industry association (VNSWB) made a positive appeal to the new cabinet, emphasizing the importance of saunas for everyone's health.

A fact that we do not need to doubt. Did you know that the sauna has all kinds of good influences on both your physical and mental condition?

We therefore hope that we can welcome you as our guest again soon to offer you the necessary relaxation.