Redeeming a wine bath gift voucher


How nice that you have received a wine bath gift voucher from Thermae 2000. The treatment includes:

  • Wine bath treatment for two people
  • Incl. use of Thermae For Me care products
  • Two glasses of wine from wine estate St. Martinus and a cocktail plate

Note: Only to be used in combination with an entrance to Thermae 2000. The entrance fee is not included in this gift voucher.

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More about the wine baths at Thermae 2000

Literally immersing yourself in wine, that sounds too good to be true. At Thermae 2000, it will be possible from 20 April. Enjoy the Limburg hills with a glass of wine in your hand, while you completely unwind. A special collaboration between Wijndomein St. Martinus and Thermae 2000 for a unique wellness experience.

Sustainable and healthy

Sustainable? Yes! The baths are filled with wine pulp from the Monarch grape, which remains after pressing. And that is not only sustainable, but also healthy! This is because the wine pulp of the blue grape contains remnants of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from pollution and the negative effects of UV radiation. In addition, that little substance works skin-firming and wrinkle-reducing. So a win-win!

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