Facial treatments

Thermae For Me Anti-aging

Very exclusive are the treatments with our own skin care products Thermae For Me. With this line Thermae 2000 has an absolute unique product. The secret? Thermal water! Thermal Water has provided us with health and beauty since prehistoric times. Because the water has been through several layers of soil, it is full of trace minerals which are particularly good for the skin. The anti-stress mineral magnesium makes the skin calm, calcium provides adhesion, sodium has both a moisturizing also a healing effect and sulphate ensures healthy and flexible cells.

This anti-aging treatment of 80 minutes is a boost for your skin. The treatment comprises deep cleansing, peeling, epilation, possibly waxing, a facial massage with serums containing a high concentration of active ingredients and an anti-aging algae mask. During the application of the mask, your hands are massaged with a nourishing cream. The treatment ends with a day care.

Duo treatment

Enjoy the Thermae For Me Anti-aging together for €175, -