Facial treatments

Thermae For Me Anti Stress treatment

During this treatment, your back will first be treated with a scrub, a soft soap foam washing, and a short relaxing massage with oil. 

After this, you will get a facial treatment, which will be tailored to your skin type. The treatment consists of a cleansing, peeling, epilation, deep cleansing, a facial and cleavage massage, and a facial mask. The facial treatments is finished with a day care and a scalp massage. Also, your hands will be treated with a serum and a cream. 

The facial includes a cleansing, removal of impurities, epilating, massage and a special mask adjusted to the skin type of men and women. During the body treatment, your back is treated with a body scrub and shower gel, afterwards it gets a relaxing massage. 

The anti-stress treatment lasts 80 minutes.

Online €5 discount

When you add a treatment to your booking online, you save €5 per treatment. This can be done by adding a treatment during the reservation, or afterwards in your personal account by choosing one of the facial or body treatments.

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