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Thermae For Me - Pure Detox Facial

With the Thermae For Me Pure Detox Facial, the focus is on improving blemished skin, balancing skin condition, draining toxins and boosting skin immunity.

The skin is treated with a double cleanse and followed up with an enzyme peel. The enzymes are a cocktail of fruit acids from papaya and pineapple, among others. These acids gently soften the skin, allowing for better absorption of subsequent products. It stimulates blood flow, allowing more oxygen-rich blood to reach the cells, thus removing toxins. The peeling has an anti-inflammatory effect and gently removes dead skin cells. The enzyme peeling also slows down skin ageing and improves the structure and condition of the skin.

Afterwards, your eyebrows are plucked and impurities such as blackheads and pinheads are removed. We then apply a special algae detox mask. This mask is one of the best on the market! Combined with special active ingredients applied before the mask, it acts anti-inflammatory, restorative and soothing. Also, the mask helps rid the skin of toxins.

While the mask is soaking in, your hands are massaged with a luxurious Caviar cream. The treatment ends with high-quality pore-refining and moisturising serums, eye cream and a day cream.

Thermae For Me

The treatments with our own skin care products from Thermae For Me are very exclusive. With this line, Thermae 2000 has an absolute first. The secret? Thermal water! Thermal water has offered us health and beauty since prehistoric times. Because the water has seeped through various layers of soil, it is full of traces and minerals that are particularly good for the skin. The anti-stress mineral magnesium calms the skin, calcium strengthens it, sodium has healing effects in addition to moisturising, and sulphate ensures healthy and flexible cells.

Thermae For Me products are also available in the salon and online in the shop.

Online €5 discount

When you add a treatment to your booking online, you save €5 per treatment. This can be done by adding a treatment during the reservation, or afterwards in your personal account by choosing one of the facial or body treatments.

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