Also outside the spa it is full enjoyment. The beautiful surroundings give you the feeling of being in the South of France for a while. You can combine wellness ideally with a nice bike ride, day trip or city walk to Maastricht. The sights in Maastricht are definitely worth a visit during your wellness weekend.

What to do in Maastricht
Maastricht is home to all markets, from a day of shopping to a day of culture sniffing. The city is known for its many sights. Some examples are Onze Lieve Vrouweplein with its basilica, the city walls, the parks, the Jekerkwartier and the Vrijthof with its monumental churches St. Jan and the basilica of St. Servaas. With its Limburg burgundian character, Maastricht is very suitable for a cosy dinner in the evening. In the center you will find the cozy Vrijthof with many cafes and restaurants for an evening out.

The Vrijthof
The Vrijthof is the largest and most famous square in the centre of Maastricht. There are 38 national monuments on the Vrijthof, the square is in the top 10 of the monument's richest streets or squares in Maastricht. In addition to the many cultural sights, the Vrijthof has various catering establishments for a bite to eat and a drink.

In the south of the centre of Maastricht lies the Bonnefantenmuseum, a museum of visual arts. The exhibitions in the museum alternate regularly. In addition to the temporary exhibitions, there is a permanent collection that delineates the period 1200 - 1700. Recently a permanent collection on contemporary art has been added.

The Jeker Quarter
The Jekerkwartier district is located in the historic centre of Maastricht. The Jekerkwartier has a large number of monasteries, historic churches and parts of the first and second medieval city wall. The district owes its name to the small river De Jeker that flows through the district and flows into the river Maas.