Discover infinite peace

The doors of the INFINITUM are now open! At this moment you can enjoy the panoramic sauna with spectacular views. The Aufguss programme starts daily at 12.35 by our professional sauna masters. In mid-December, the other areas will open and the INFINITUM offers seven different areas with experiences in active and passive tranquillity.

GIFT CARD: Give infinite relaxation as a gift during the holidays. You can buy our wellness gift voucher easy and quickly online and you can hand it in for a wellness day or stay, a relaxing treatment, culinary dinner and more.

INFINITUM is the Latin name for 'Infinite'. A double layer, the link with the Latin core value of Thermae 2000 'Mens Sana in Corpore Sano' meaning: 'A healthy mind in a healthy body' On the other hand, the meaning of the word INFINITUM, which stands for the infinite view over the Limburg landscape in which one dreams away. A design with natural materials shows the infinity in quality in which you experience the natural luxury yourself. The surroundings, the materials and the appearance of pure tranquillity give this building an infinite experience.

The Infinitum can be entered from the sauna landscape. In the future, during future innovation projects, there will be a path from the lounge bar to the Infinitum in the near future. When this is realized, the ground floor of the Infinitum (panorama sauna, cool down zone, showers and sun terrace) can be reached with a wheelchair.