Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a massage that includes the following actions:

  • Firstly the stones will be carefully placed and covered and different spots of your body.
  • Secondly another part of your body will be rubbed in with oil and it will then be massaged.
  • Lastly your entire body will be massaged. Due to the heat of the stones your muscles are already heated so the massage will be more effective.

You can choose between a massage of 45 minutes or 75 minutes.

A piece of history

This massage is originating from the Indians. Heated lava stone were used to massage the body. These stones will retain the heat and therefor have a positive effect for chronic pain in de neck and back and it will help you relax more. The hot stone massage will be done with basalt stones. Basalt stones are volcanic stones that have been polished through the ages through the influence of water and sand. The size of the stones is varies between 2 cm and 12 cm.

The stones are made of basalt and are rich of iron and mangesium. This will let then store, retain and gradually give of heat. These stones are carefully selected on the base of form, weight, thermal conductivity and energy level. The stones are light, soft and pleasantly warm.

They have then been in the sea for a long time and that’s why the stones have such a nice, smooth and round figure. Indians believed the stones to be formed through the four elements: earth, wind, water and fire.

Online €5 discount

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