Pantai Luar Massage

Relaxing East Asian massage with heated herbal stamps.

East Asian massage in which herbal stamps in special oil are heated to 120 degrees. By means of special techniques, the hot stamp is brought into contact with the skin. As a reaction, the skin is activated in flowing movements until cell renewal. A wonderfully relaxing massage. This massage is very nourishing for your skin and a blessing for relaxation. Good for your entire body!

Pantai luar means "on the new bank" and comes from East Asia. During the treatment ceremony, linen stamp pads are filled with lime, coconut and various herbs soaked in hot herbal oil (110-120˚C). Then your body by means of special techniques very briefly with this hot stamp in contact, in response to these stimuli, the skin is immediately encouraged to cell renewal. When the punch pad has cooled down sufficiently, it will be massaged intensively.

The treatment has many good influences on the body:

  • Promotion of the blood circulation
  • Activating the repair system of the body
  • Revitalizing
  • Cell activation
  • Strengthening of the muscles

Duration: 50 minutes

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