Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese vitalising and calming pressure point massage with a relieving effect on stress and muscle complaints. Enjoy a traditional pressure point massage derived from Chinese medicine.

What is the effect of a shiatsu massage?

A shiatsu massage is a Japanese pressure point massage that consists of applying pressure, using thumbs, fingers and palms, to the body. Shiatsu strengthens your basic condition, vitalises, relaxes and soothes. The beneficial effect of a Shiatsu massage relieves stress, muscle and joint complaints in neck, back, shoulders and limbs. Our professional masseurs work on a traditional Japanese cotton mattress (futon) lying on the floor. You can choose from a 25-minute or 50-minute massage. During the massage, you should preferably wear loose-fitting clothes (also available for you if required).

What is shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage system whose origins can be traced in part to traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu, which literally means "finger pressure", is often called pressure point massage in the Netherlands. It is based on the present life energy and the self-healing capacity of human beings. In good health, energy flows freely through a network of pathways (meridians) running all over the body. Incorrect living and eating habits, lack of exercise, or, on the contrary, one-sided use of the body, emotional or physical exertion sometimes disrupt the life energy. If the functions of our internal organs are disturbed, this can lead to skin problems.

The strength of Shiatsu is that besides a healing effect, there is also a preventive effect. Shiatsu assumes that the face is the mirror of all body functions. Thus, a beautician, applying Shiatsu massage, can establish a relationship between recurring pimples in the same place (the skin condition) and an organ (the source where energy disturbances arise).

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