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Thermae For Me Mommy-to-be treatment

The Thermae For Me mommy to be is the perfect time out for pregnant women. During your pregnancy it is very important to take time for yourself, because a lot is changing in your body. You may experience so-called 'pregnancy symptoms' during pregnancy: neck/back/pelvis pain, fatigue, lack of sleep, fluid retention etc. All these symptoms can cause stress in your body. Even if you don't have any symptoms, a relaxing treatment can be good for you, as it also has a preventive effect in preventing complaints. A relaxing treatment during pregnancy has a positive influence on the health of both you and your baby. 

So give yourself and your baby this relaxing mommy to be treatment to reduce complaints and completely de-stress. 


What does the mommy to be treatment consist of? 

The treatment starts with a 50-minute facial that is adapted to your skin type. A facial can help prevent and treat pregnancy mask (melasma), or also called facial hyperpigmentation. The facial consists of a deep cleansing, removal of impurities, eyebrow plucking or facial waxing, a face and décolleté massage and a hydrating or cleansing mask. During the mask, you can choose between a scalp massage or hand massage with a nourishing cream. A serum, eye cream and day cream adapted to your skin type follow.  

The treatment continues with a wonderful foot massage. In fact, a foot massage works effectively to drain the moisture in your feet. Also, your toenails will be painted in your favourite colour and you will receive the nail polish as a gift to take home.

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