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  • An ice bath has a lot of physical and mental benefits. Curious about the benefits and all practical information regarding the ice bath & wellness workshop? All information about the ice bath workshop can be found here.

  • Wearing a bathrobe and slippers is compulsory in the catering outlets, rest areas and in the corridors of Thermae 2000.

    • Bath slippers (of course these are also for sale)
    • Swimwear (with the exception of visits on Thursdays)
  • We are daily opened from 10:00 until 22:00.

    Please note that advance booking is compulsory.


  • We have 4 different catering outlets. Click here for the opening hours per restaurant.

  • Our hotel guests can use the bath facilities from 9.00 hours in the morning. The sauna landscape is accessible for all guests from 10.00 every day.

  • On this page you will find the opening hours of our wellness and restaurants during the holidays.

  • During Mix days it is mandatory to leave your swimwear in the appropriate lockers and boxes in the sauna area, before you use the saunas. You must use the thermal baths in your swimsuit.

    Swimwear days

    However, we also have swimwear days, when you need to keep your swimwear on in the sauna area. Every Tuesday we use a swimwear day and every first full weekend of the month swimwear weekend (from Friday evening 17.00 hours).

    Nude days

    Guests who prefer to use the sauna area and the bathing area without their swimwear can come to us every Thursday.

    Wearing a bathrobe

    Wearing a bathrobe is mandatory at Thermae 2000, especially in the catering facilities.

    Read more information about swimwear, mix and nude days here.

  • Every Tuesday is swimwear day. In addition, there are regular swimwear weekends. Consult the calendar for the breakdown of our swimwear days, nude days, mix days and themed weekends.

  • Every Thursday is unclothed day at Thermae 2000. In addition, there are regular unclothed weekends.Consult the calendar for the breakdown of our swimwear days, nude days, mix days and themed weekends.

  • There is a parking facility operated by third parties where you can park for amaximum rate of € 8,00 for the whole day. The parking fee must be paid in advance in cash or by pin in the car park itself. It is also possible for you as a day guest, if places are available, to park in our hotel car park at a rate of € 9,00 per day. The signs on the approach route indicate whether there are spaces available.

    Hotel guests
    For hotel guests there is a separate parking lot located in front of the hotel. Hotel guests can park here for € 15,- per night. This amount will be paid at the reception.

  • It is mandatory to book in advance. When you book online in advance, we can better estimate how many guests we can expect and adjust our staffing accordingly. If you wish to have a treatment, we would advise you to make a reservation at least one week in advance. 

  • Our reservation department is available from 08.30 to 17.00 every workday. During the weekends, they can be reached from 10.00 to 15.00. However, you can quickly and easily book a treatment or package at any time of the day on our website.

    Please note that when making a reservation by phone, by mail and at the counter, we charge €1.99 booking fee per booking for a day reservation and €4.99 per booking for a hotel reservation.


  • Whether it is possible to cancel your existing reservation depends on a number of factors. Please read our cancellation policy for more information.

  • To book an entry, hotel stay or package, we recommend to book through You will enjoy more advantages on our website. For instance, you do not pay any booking fees, you always get the lowest price and you always benefit from a 5 euro discount on treatments. If you wish to make your booking by telephone, a booking fee will be charged.

    The reservation fee (by phone, email and at the counter) is €1.99 per booking for a day reservation and €4.99 per booking for a hotel reservation.

  • Children from 10 years are welcome at Thermae 2000. Children between the ages of 10 and 18 can only visit Thermae 2000 under the supervision of an adult. It is mandatory to be able to hand over a valid identification document, this can be asked for by our reception staff in case of doubt. The regular entrance fee applies to children from 10 to 18 years of age.

  • Want to enjoy a relaxing day? View our tarifs here

    Please note that advance booking is compulsory.

    • Magazine(s) or reading book(s)
    • Bathrobe and towels (of course these are also for rent)
    • Glasses/Lenses
  • If you have a gift voucher with value (in euros) you can redeem it at the last step before checkout.

    • Phones, tablets and laptops (these are not allowed in our wellness facilities because of the privacy of our guests).
    • Goggles and swimming gear
    • Food and beverages
    • Speakers
    • Folding chairs
    • Large bags/shoppers
    • Pets
  • Thermae 2000 is wheelchair and disabled friendly. The building is built into a mountain, so there is an occasional bump or step. There are also steeper hills in the outside area. If you are in a wheelchair, it is important that you bring a companion for support.

    There is a lift for the separate exercise pool, thermael baths, and there are special changing and shower facilities. Some of the facilities are not accessible to wheelchair users. These are some saunas, whirlpools, the Infinitum, the massage room Heaven and the solarium.

    You can park at the hotel reception with your disabled parking card.


  • Thermae 2000 has special rates for group reservations. For more information or to place a group reservation please contact

  • A sauna visit is good for the body but the change from warmth to cold takes some getting used to. For the best results, stick to a certain routine. A typical sauna routine is described below:

    You start with a warm shower. After drying off, take a warm foot bath and enter the sauna. After sweating in the sauna, you walk around in the fresh air. After this, you take a cold shower and a warm foot bath. Finally, it is time to relax in one of our rest rooms. Let your body rest for 30 minutes before you again visit another sauna.

  • No, you do not receive a discount on the day entrance. However, you will receive a free cup of coffee and piece of local pie in one of our restaurants is you show your ID when checking in. This does not apply to a 4-hour entrance.

  • Sauna has a positive effect on your vital and mental health. The advantage of sweating in the sauna is that numerous waste products are discharged. When you take a dip in the cold water or cool off in the fresh air afterwards, this temperature change has a positive effect on your organs. In addition, the sauna is of course the ultimate beauty treatment. Sweating and then cooling down ensures cell renewal and the best cleansing of the skin.

    Other benefits of a sauna visit are:

    • Increasing the metabolism
    • Increases resistance
    • Relieving stress
    • Relaxation of tired muscles
  • A sauna visit has a positive effect on the skin. Dry and wet saunas both produce a perspiration effect. In addition, blood vessels are dilated and there is an increase in skin temperature and heart rate. All these factors increase blood circulation and ultimately result in an increase in the oxygen content of your blood. This stimulates the natural healing of the skin.

  • Bring a copy of your valid ID card and a copy of your bank card with you during your visit. The amount will be automatically collected monthly (if you have a foreign bank account, it is not possible to collect the amount, in that case you will have to pay the full amount in one go). Your subscription starts immediately. For more information, please contact telephone number +31 (0)43-6092000 or

  • Spending a certain amount of time in a sauna causes your body temperature to rise by 1°C to 2°C. Cooling down brings your body back to its normal temperature.  If you don't do this, you may continue to sweat for a long time and the capillaries on your head will remain open. This can result in massive headaches. So cooling down is very important! Here are a few ways to cool down:

    • Take a short walk in the open air
    • Take a cold shower
    • Use the plunge pool
    • Take a cold shower with the help of the bucket
  • It is possible to rent a bathrobe and bath towel(s) at Thermae 2000. Bath slippers are for sale. Check the current rates here.

  • There are basically two types of sauna. Namely, a dry sauna and a wet sauna. In a dry sauna you will notice that the heat has a greater effect on the body. This is because the air humidity is lower than in a wet sauna.

    • Finnish sauna: this is a traditional sauna where the temperatures fluctuate between 60 °C and 120 °C. Finnish saunas come in both dry and wet forms. The wood absorbs the heat and gives it a natural appearance.
    • Casting sauna: In a casting sauna, oils are added to water. This water is then poured onto a stove, which creates steam. A flapping towel ensures that the steam spreads quickly through the room. The steam sauna has a high degree of humidity.
    • Infrared sauna: This is a sauna with dry heat from infrared rays. This allows many sauna visitors to tolerate the heat more easily.
    • Turkish sauna: a Turkish sauna, also called a steam bath, has a low temperature (43 °C - 48 °C) but a high degree of humidity. This has a positive effect on your airways.
    • Herbal sauna: a herbal sauna is a sauna where herbs such as mint or rosemary are burned. This has a stimulating, cleansing or relaxing effect.
  • You may feel tired after a sauna visit. Not surprising, since a sauna visit can be compared to training your body. After all, the body is put to considerable work. The body temperature rises by 1°C to 2°C, creating an artificial fever that activates the body's defense mechanism. As the body wants to get rid of the extreme heat, it will increase the heart rate so that the blood circulates faster.

    If you then step into a cold bath, your skin pores will close again and blood vessels will constrict. This cold will make your body work hard again.

  • Within Thermae 2000 there are four different restaurants. Each outlet has a different menu and drinks menu for the widest possible range of tasty snacks, drinks etc. It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

    Click here for an overview of our restaurants.

  • Have you just goten a piercing? Then we do not recommend booking a sauna session. During the healing process, it is important to avoid chlorinated water or steam baths. Expect to wait 3 to 6 weeks during which it is not advisable to visit a sauna. The exact healing time varies from person to person and also depends on general health and physical condition.

  • Can't wait to show off your new tattoo? Then wait just a little longer. Tattoo artists do not recommend a visit to the sauna after getting a tattoo. This has a negative effect on the healing process of the tattoo. It is safe to visit the sauna again from 4 weeks after the placement. For some this is shorter and for some longer. This depends entirely on your physical health and condition.

Information about a wellness day at Thermae 2000

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