Thermae 2000 is focusing entirely on its distinctiveness in its future plans. Apart from the unique water with the 'Ursprunglich Rein' certificate and the architecture of the building, Thermae 2000 has a location that cannot be matched. With the Cauberg as an icon, its location in tourist Valkenburg is used as an important tool in the renewal plan.

Thermae 2000 is constantly looking for new ideas for innovations and improvements to make the guest experience even more unique and relaxing. This page shows all the latest additions to Thermae 2000.

Bathroom renovation

Luxury marble look

The bathrooms in our wellness hotel will be given a new luxury marble look in 2023.

Badkamer op wellness hotelkamer in Valkenburg aan de Geul.
Het buitenbad wordt opnieuw gevuld met een nieuwe kleur.

New colour outdoor pool

Open again from 30 September

The outdoor pool has a fresh new colour: taupe. As a guest, you enjoy Limburg hospitality, luxury and the rich nature in which our wellness resort is located. We want to increasingly display these core values within our wellness resort, which now also applies to the appearance of the outdoor pool.


At Fysio Thermae

Fysio Thermae has a mission: to help (recreational) cyclists achieve their sporting goals. That is why you can visit us on top of the Cauberg for a bikefit. From our background as musculoskeletal physiotherapists, we strongly believe in the importance of a comprehensive body screening of the cyclist and adjusting the cycling position in function of the body.

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Fysiotherapeut voert bikefit uit op wielrenfiets tijdens afspraak bij Fysio Thermae.
Koppel geniet van bierbad tijdens unieke bierbad wellness ervaring.

Beer Baths

April 2023

From April, on top of the Cauberg, in addition to bathing in wine, it will also be possible to bathe in beer. Thermae 2000 and Klinker Brewery are joining forces to offer a new experience with stunning views over the Geul valley.

Beer is rich in vitamin B, antioxidants and active enzymes. This will make your skin soft and supple and your hair will shine beautifully." The beer bath - or rather beer spa - enjoys fame in the Czech region of Pilsen, among others. Here, beer baths were taken as early as the Middle Ages to prevent diseases.

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Outdoor pool developments

Beginning 2023

The outdoor pool in the swimming area will have a new coating in early 2023. Normally, the coating is renewed every two years. However, this time we opted for a special coating that will last at least 15 years. A sustainable solution, we love that!

From Friday 17 February 2023, the outdoor pool will reopen and guests will again be able to enjoy the heated pools as well as the beautiful view over the Limburg hills.

Dame geniet van de zon met het hoofd in het buitenbad.
Senses restaurant eetgedeelte met planten en menukaarten op tafel.

Restaurant Senses

Opened December 2022

Restaurant Senses is back in a new jacket! Warm up by the fireplace, relax in the comfortable seating & check out the delicious dishes on the menu. 

The style of Senses is described as "eclectic". In an eclectic style, different living styles are combined into one. It is therefore not a real home furnishing style in itself, but a combination of previous home furnishing styles.

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Wine baths

Experience vino therapy

Our newest addition: wine baths at Thermae 2000. In April 2022, Thermae 2000 opened no less than two wine baths. This opening made big headlines, both nationally and internationally, in media such as &C, EditieNL, Radio2, de Limburger and many more. 

These wine baths will introduce you to Vino Therapy. Take a seat in the bubbling wine bath filled with Monarch grape pulp, grape seed oil and Calendula. Enjoy the view over the Limburg hills with a glass of local wine from wine domain St. Martinus from Vijlen and relax. Curious about this unique addition?

Wine baths

Glas rode wijn in wijnbad met wijnpulp in het water.