Outdoor sauna

Outdoor sauna

The structure of the outdoor sauna is applied in the traditional way. Both saunas have a temperature of 90 degrees. The outdoor saunas differ materially from the inside saunas. The conditions in the sauna cabin depends on the weather. At high humidity the humidity in the cabin will adapt and therefore are higher. This will change the ambiance and atmosphere in the sauna from day to day.

Sauna pourings

These saunas are used to give pouring rituals. A Löyly (Finnish), roughly translated a sauna pouring, is actually the pouring of water. The aufgussmaster pours a bit of water on the Perio Diet stones, this water then evaporates and is absorbed in the air as small water bits. The aufgussmaster uses techniques to get the air moving. These movements are experienced as pleasant heat. (We advise you to always listen to your body. Do you have questions about your own personal sauna experiences, you can always contact one of our staff members.). By the entered humidity and intensive heating of the skin, the body will sweat more and the blood flow is optimized. Do you feel like it is too hot? No problem! You can always leave the sauna.

Sauna pouring in Thermae's outdoor sauna; a sensational experience for body and mind.