Summer card (4x wellness entrance)

This summer card allows you to enjoy at Thermae 2000 4 times with a nice discount. During your visit, you will get access to all facilities including thermal baths, whirlpools, saunas, and relax rooms. Also, you can participate different activities and pourings. In short, the perfect option to completely relax.

Choose a relax summer with Thermae 2000's summer card: 

  • 4x full day entrance to Thermae 2000
  • Availbable till July 15th
  • Valid from June 1st to July 31th
  • Not personal, so easy to share
  • Also available in weekends. During swimwear days extra costs will be added (€5,50 is added when making a reservation)
  • Also nice to give away as a present


The maximum number of characters per ticket is 140

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