Russische Honing massage

This Russian honey massage is an old massage and very popular in Russia and Scandinavia. The massage is based on the benefits of honey. During this massage toxins are removed out of the body and the skin will be cleaned. Very effective against cellulite.

What is special about the honey massage?

A deep moisturizing effect and gentle massage especially suitable for dry, stressed, not elastic and cellulite skin, recommended after pregnancy so that the skin is tight and elastic again, but of course primarily intended as total relaxation.

Why honey?

Honey contains various sugars, minerals and trace elements that have a great nutritional value to the skin among others. With extraordinary strength the skin is refreshed and nourished in depth. After the treatment your skin will feel soft and smooth again. Also, the skin shows a natural beautiful shine. The function of this massage is a natural exfoliating, nourishing, soothing and firming.

The Russian honey massage lasts 25 minutes

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