Wellness cards

Do you often come to spend a day relaxing in Thermae 2000's thermal baths and revamped saunas? Then choose one of our wellness cards and enjoy a cheaper rate.

With our wellness cards, you get access to all facilities including thermal baths, whirlpools, saunas and rest rooms during each visit. In addition, you can also take part in various activities and soaks. In short, the perfect option to fully unwind.

All wellness cards are also available at the on-site reception.

Type of bath card From For
5 times wellness card €247,50,-  €195,-
10 times evening card €395,-  €275,-
10 times wellness card €495,-  €375,-
20 times evening card €790,-  €525,-
20 times wellness card €990,-  €700,-


5 times wellnesscard Only for 195 euros More info
10x eveningcard €275,- More info
10x wellnesscard Only for 375 euros More info
20x eveningcard Only for €525,- More info
20x wellnesscard Only for €700,- More info

Why a wellness card? 

  • Day or evening relaxation at Thermae 2000
  • Can be used every day of the week, including weekends
  • Wellness cards are not personal. You can therefore share them with your friends, parents or neighbours. Or give them as a gift to someone else
  • Stay relaxed all year round by scheduling more sauna days