Wellness for Beginners

Going to wellness for the first time

Going to Thermae 2000 for the first day or weekend, and you've never been to a spa before? Don't worry. We explain everything here, so that you can start your wellness visit well-prepared and relaxed.

Tip: By making a reservation online in advance, you save up to €10 on your day admission compared to the box office price.

What should I bring with me to Thermae 2000?

Be sure to bring your bathing suit (except Thursday), bathrobe, towels and slippers. You will need one large towel in the spa, to dry off in between and to sit on in the sauna. A second (or third) towel can be nice to change in between, and to dry off on at the end of your visit.

Bath packages are also available for rent, should you forget something or prefer not to go home with a pile of wet towels.

Dame geniet in panoramasauna terwijl opgieting wordt gegeven met handdoek.

Explanations at the reception

Of course, our hospitable staff will be waiting for you at the reception desk. With an online reservation, the check-in procedure goes very smoothly. When you check in, our staff will provide you with all explanations and an access tape. You will also receive a handy map where you can find all the information you need.

Change of clothes

Then it's time to change your clothes. You put on your bathing suit, robe and slippers. The only other thing you take inside is a towel and any reading material. There are transparent bags on the wall for you to bring your things inside. You should also store your bag, shoes and coat in the locker. The locker can be opened and closed with your access bracelet.

Mensen in het buitenbad met boom en piramide

Tour of the pools

You're all set, time to go inside! There are hangers and handy lockers in various places to store your towel and robe. Start with a swim around the thermal pools, where you can swim from inside to outside, and back again. Just bubbling in one of the hot tubs is also possible. Delightful!

Relaxing in the sauna

From the baths you walk directly to the sauna area. Here you will find a roadmap of the official sauna routine. Choose a sauna and follow the step-by-step plan for the best sauna experience. You can always contact one of our staff members if you have any questions.

Pokebowl wordt naar gasten in badjas gebracht

Food & beverage

Swimming and going in the sauna will make you hungry! Choose one of the restaurants for a nice snack and drink. Your order is added to your band, so you don't need any money or bank card. The choice is wide; coffee & flan, sandwiches, appetizers and hot meals. You can get whatever you feel like all day long.

Cost free experiences

There are a lot of wellness experiences every day, in which you as a guest can participate free of charge. Think of aquafit, a floating session or a infusion. You can find the current program at the information post in the wellness area. For some experiences it is necessary to register at the information center.

Koppel is aan het drijven in thermaal water op foam rollers, tijdens sessie floating.

Wellness activities

In addition to the experiences, there are several wellness activities to experience. For example, you will find massage chairs in the relaxation cinema, you can go under the sunbed (Solarium) and we have a Powernap Pod. Would you like to follow one of these activities? Again, this is through your entrance bracelet.

Rest rooms

You will find several rest rooms in the spa. In these areas there are relaxing chairs or beds, in which you can read a book or close your eyes for a while. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the sun outside on the sunbathing area!

With this information, you are 100% ready for your first day of wellness. Do you have any questions prior to your visit? Then please contact us. We look forward to seeing you!