Free daily activities and sauna experiences

A wellness experience on the Cauberg in Valkenburg is only complete with the many free activities throughout the day that are offered in Thermae 2000. From drift sessions in the special thermal water to extra sensation in the steamy saunas, there is something for everyones taste.

The Sauna program consists of 10 sauna aufguss-sessions & steambath aufgusses. The sauna sessions will be performed by our sauna masters in different themes and forms. During your stay you will have to choice to participate in several of these Aufguss sessions. 

At this moment you can enjoy the panoramic sauna with spectacular views. The Aufguss programme starts daily at 12.35 by our professional sauna masters. The INFINITUM offers seven different areas with experiences in active and passive tranquillity

The activities in our wellness centre in Valkenburg are taken care of by experts. In the training bath you will find several guidance counselors who guide activities such as Thermaemotion, Aquafit and Floating sessions. 

Next to the activities in the water, we also provide other facilities where you can enjoy a full wellness experience. We offer massages, tanning beds and a bare feet walking path.