Aquafit at Thermae 2000

Fitness in the thermal water

Are you looking for exercise during your wellness day? Then you have come to the right place! Aquafit is an active session given in the Thermae 2000 practice pool. Due to the natural resistance of the water you train your muscles more intensively. Aquafit is given by one of our Wellness employees. With the Aquafit session you will experience the best of both worlds; effort and relaxation.

With Aquafit you move in the water in a sporty way. During 20 to 25 minutes you will be actively engaged in following exercises provided by an employee.

The Aquafit workshop

The workshop starts with a short introduction, warming up, training with exercises and ends with relaxation. In the water the pressure on the joints, especially the leg joints, is much lower. Because of this, the chance of overexertion is very low. This makes this workshop suitable for young and old.

Sports Relaxation

The exercises can vary from assignments with exercise materials to assignments without materials. You can determine how intensively you perform the exercises, everyone can set their own pace. Be sportive for a while and then continue relaxing!


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