Unique floating session in thermal water: ThermaeMotion

Thermae motion is a relaxation session in the water by means of driving.

Everyone has the ability to float in water. Partly because we consist for a large part out of water. To eliminate the differences of the individual, the different floating abilities, we use drift material so you can fully enjoy the warm water.

To relax even more we use music. You can hear this as well under as above the water. The water carries so to speak the body and the music.

Due to the light stream you will get entrained through the bath. This allows you to experience the water and every movement even more and it will stimulate all your different senses. Skin, by the flow and temperature of the bath. Hearing, by the music and vibration.

During the session, you can close your eyes. If you keep your eyes open, your eyes are stimulated by different lights and colors. All the colors have a different positive effect on you.

Because your body is passive the session lasts 15 to 20 minutes.