Hydromassage Bed

A hydromassage gives a relaxing feeling and improves blood circulation. Lie down on a hydromassage bed and experience the wonderful massages. Your body will be massaged from head to toe by the water jets.

How does a hydromassage bed work?

A hydromassage bed works with water pressure and pulsation frequency. These can be adjusted manually so that everyone can have his or her desired position. You can experience the massage without changing clothes or getting wet! A wafer-thin and waterproof cloth separates your body and the water jets so you stay completely dry.

What is the cost of a 'hydromassage bed' session?

A session in the Hydrojet bed costs €12.50 p.p.


Relax or improve your resistance? Besides a hydromassage bed, you can also come to us for other massages. How about a lovely shiatsu or hotstone massage?