Thermae 2000 has four whirlpools of different sizes. The Lotus pool is located next to the swimming street. The name of this whirlpool is based on the shape of the pool (a lotus flower). The three other wirlpools are located at the large indoor pool.

What is a whirlpool?

The term whirlpool is based on the powerful massage jets that are pumped through the entire pool.

These jets form a water vortex-like formation at the water surface. Our whirlpools have a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius. Using whirlpools can be seen as an under water massage and it relaxes your muscles (ideal for muscle pain). A whirlpool is not the same as a Jacuzzi. This Jacuzzi is often referred as a outdoor pool. You can also enjoy the under water jets in the outdoor pools of Thermae 2000. In the outside area of the pool landscape, you’ll find a large area where you can sit or lay in the bubbels.