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Vino Therapy; Wine Bath for two

Bathing in Limburg wine with a view of the Heuvelland region; that sounds too good to be true. At the top of the Valkenburg Cauberg, it is possible. Thermae 2000 and Wijndomein St. Martinus together offer a unique and sustainable experience by using the wine pulp that remains after pressing for bathing. The official term for this is Vino Therapy, which is not only very special but also healthy.

This brand new wellness experience can now be booked. The so-called wine bath is filled with pulp from the Monarch grape, which is used by St. Martinus to make the 'Olivier', among other things. You can read more about the wine baths here.

Vino Therapy; the wine bath treatment

First,  you will rub yourself with natural body scrub. After this, you will and immerse yourself in the Monarch grape’s wine pulp and grape seed oil. The Monarch grape contains resevratol in the peel. Resevratol is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants that protects the skin against contamination and the negative consequences of UV radiation. The combination of these ingredients and the bath bubbles have a relaxing working and release a subtle wine fragrance.

Rose pedals and Calendula are added to the wine bath. Both have a soothing effect on the skin. As soon as the bubbles turn off, you can enjoy your glass of wine will looking over the beautiful local hills. This is what they call: Burgundian enjoyment!

The wine baths are always a duo-experience with a duration of 50 minutes. The treatment can be booked in addition to an entrance ticket (in the next step of the booking) or in a special day package or hotel package.


Online €5 discount

When you add a treatment to your booking online, you save €5 per treatment. This can be done by adding a treatment during the reservation, or afterwards in your personal account by choosing one of the facial or body treatments.

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