A wellness experience at the Valkenburg Cauberg is only complete with the many activities and experiences that are daily offered at Thermae 2000. With a wide range of steam saunas, sensational spas, various workshops, and physiotherapy, we offer something for everyone. 

Sauna activities

The program consists of 10 sauna and steam bath watering sessions every day. The sauna infusions range from traditional to special infusions. During your stay in the saunas and steam baths you have a choice of different types of infusions.

Wellness activities

The activities at the wellness center in Valkenburg are supervised and taken care of by experts. In the 'Practice Bath', there are supervisors who provide relaxed exercise in the thermal water. There, they conduct various relaxing and also active sessions in the warm thermal water, such as Thermae Motion, Floating, and Aquafit. 

Besides the activities in the water, there are also other facilities where you can enjoy wellness. For example, you can book a massage, go to the solarium, and enter the barefoot bath. In the menu on the right you will find the different activities we provide at Thermae 2000.