A wellness experience at the Valkenburg Cauberg is only complete with the many activities (for a fee) and experiences (free) offered throughout the day inside Thermae 2000. We have an extensive range of wellness activities, including in the special thermal water.

Sound healing

Natural sound therapy

Step into an oasis of peace and discover your inner world during a sound healing session. A combination of worldly instruments, including singing bowls, rainsticks, various drums and koshi chimes, puts you in touch with your soul and recharges your life energy. The harmonious sounds have a relaxing effect on body, mind, emotions and memories.

  • Deep relaxation
  • Cost: €4.95 for 20 minutes
De zonnebank in het solarium bij Thermae 2000 met blauw licht.

Solarium (sunbed)

No sun? Still tan!

Enjoy the benefits of tanning: the production of vitamin D and endorphins for a happy feeling, an even tan and good blood flow to muscles and skin. Choose from a variety of tanning beds, scan your strap and let the heat do its work.

  • No reservations required
  • Choice of different sunbeds
  • Cost: €7.95 for 10 minutes

Ducha Aljamal

Arabic ritual

Pamper your body with the Ducha Aljamal ritual. Your skin is cleansed with an oasis of foam, followed by the application of Moroccan clay in the steam bath. The clay removes old skin cells, stimulates circulation, and the steam allows the skin to absorb essential substances and minerals. After this ritual, your skin will feel silky smooth.

  • Clay from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains
  • Cleansing and skin care
  • Reserve at time of booking
  • Cost: €20 for 30-40 minutes
Kommetjes Arabisch ritueel
Relaxbioscoop met massagestoelen bovenop de Cauberg.

Massage chair

Shiatsu massage

Relax in our relaxation cinema with Inventos Easy Relax massage chairs. In your bathrobe, with headphones on, enjoy nature films while the massage chair pampers you with a Shiatsu massage. Reserve this wellness moment for yourself, sink in and imagine yourself in a peaceful natural environment.

  • No reservation required
  • Various HD nature films
  • Cost: €7.95 for 12 minutes

Hydromassage bed


Take a seat on the water mattress and be pampered by warm water jets and hydromassage techniques. The pleasant warmth and varied intensity of the jets reach your entire body. A session in the hydrojet bed has a calming effect, reduces muscle tension and improves circulation.

  • Reservation not required
  • Cost: €12.50 for 15 minutes
Man en vrouw slapen in badjas op de rustbedden van rustruimte Dream bij Thermae 2000.

Powernap Pod with FPS mattress

Close your eyes

Close your eyes and enjoy a short nap in complete privacy, supported by unique relaxation techniques. The relaxation techniques in the pod ensure deep relaxation of body and mind, while the technique works in a targeted way to reduce pain symptoms, stimulate circulation, reduce muscle tension and reduce restlessness and stress.

The special FPS mattress offers three relaxing recovery programmes:

Relax physically and mentally by taking a powernap or short nap.

Relax moment. A nap is not necessary. Listen to music or read something during a light massage.

Moment to recover physically. Feel fatigue diminish after an alternating massage.

  • No reservations required
  • Cost: €7.95 for 12 minutes
Powernap pod in rustruimte bij Thermae 2000
Honing inwrijving in de sauna bovenop de Cauberg in Valkenburg aan de Geul.

Honey rub

Discover the power of honey for your whole body

The sweet scent of honey meets you in the Suola sauna. Discover the power of honey for your entire body: from lip care (chapped lips) and for dry skin (honey softens the skin and, together with its antibacterial components, reduces skin discomfort) to your hair (dull hair regains its radiance).

Honey is also ideally suited as a soothing mask. When used as a mask, it brings moisture to your skin and prevents it from drying out. Honey is also full of enzymes that deeply cleanse the skin. Moreover, honey has antiseptic properties and prevents bacterial accumulation. So it is perfect to use as a natural facial cleanser.

Nothing like massaging some warm honey into your skin while in the sauna. After the sauna session, your skin will feel silky smooth.

  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Price: € 3.95

Surprise activities

Be surprised

The surprise activity is often part of a day or hotel package. Be surprised by one of the following activities:

Enjoy a scrub ritual at your leisure in our Rasul steam cabin. Our wellness staff will provide an all-natural kuusi scrub or homemade sugar/salt scrub. During the ritual, the hot steam relaxes you and cleanses your skin. This 15-20-minute ritual is a treat for body and mind.

Yoga Nidra
During a yoga nidra session, you completely relax. The body is in a state between wakefulness and sleep. You are taken on a guided meditation journey of five layers: relaxation, intention setting, visualisation, self-awareness and integration. These layers allow for deeper and deeper relaxation after which you arrive at your inner core.

Stretching session
Stretching has been scientifically proven to contribute to a supple and resilient body. We give two forms: an energetic and a restful session. The energetic session focuses on stimulating blood circulation in the muscles. In the restful session, the emphasis is on relaxation.

Drie dames in Yogapositie op yogamat in de top van de wellnesspiramide tijdens een Yoga les.