Redeem your BarCode

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In the fields above you can enter a barcode (left) or promotional code (right).

Redeem your barcode
If a barcode is known to us, you can redeem it immediately. Enter the combination of numbers (and letters), and click on silver code. The website will then immediately reserve your access and add any surcharges. In the next step you can choose to add a treatment or massage. In the last step you pay for this. 

Promotional code / special offer code
If you have a promotional code, special offer code or unique code, you can redeem it in the right field. This code will take you to a page where you can read the contents and conditions again. From here you can book the desired date and pay for the reservation. 

Questions? Please contact us. 

Gift card? 
Do you have one of the following gift cards (Bongobon, Vivabox, Gift for you or Nederlandse Sauna Cadeaubon)? These are not redeemable on this page. Follow the instructions on the voucher and take them with you during your visit. 


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