Sauna usage

Sauna use according to the original ritual

Sauna use is from origin done while nude. At Thermae 2000, however, we also offer days where you can wear swimwear and relax in our facilities. When you use the saunas in your swimwear, it is important that you pay extra attention to hygiene. You can click here to get an overview of the steps you should follow while using a sauna.  

The sauna bath is not just about warming up in the hot cabin, it is a game of alternating between warming up, cooling down and resting. But not a game without rules. The sauna bath is a precisely prescribed ritual. 


Before entering the sauna cabin, take a hot shower, even if you did this earlier in the day. Among other things, it is a matter of showing respect for your fellow sauna visitors: total cleanliness.


Although you will be wet again from sweat after a few minutes, it is important that the shower is followed by a thorough desiccation. The towel you use should preferably not be the same as the one you use in the sauna cabin. 

Warm foot bath

In every good sauna you will find a warm foot bath. Before entering the cabin, warm your feet for a few minutes. Your body is preheated and brought up to temperature faster by the sole reflex.

In the cabin 

In the sauna cabin (which is always made of wood) the temperature is between 50 °C (below) and around 100 °C (at the very top). This is not too hot because the moisture particles present in the air evaporate. On the lower bench it is obviously less hot than on the upper bench (usually there are three benches at different heights in the somewhat larger sauna cabins). Depending on your reaction, the first sauna session can take 8 to 12 minutes. However, your whole body should be on the bath towel, so that your sweat does not get on the wood but on your bath towel. 

Cool down now 

Now that you have stored so much heat in the cabin (mainly in your skin), you should gradually get rid of that heat through good cooling. You should also take your time for this. You start with a bite of fresh air outdoors. In summer as well as in winter, it is recommended to get a good portion of oxygen. Then the further cooling of the body begins. There are various possibilities for this in a good sauna: the water hose, the cold shower and then the plunge pool. 

Back in the foot bath 

For the second time you are now using the warm foot bath. This stimulates the flow of your blood and prevents you from remaining cold after cooling down.

And then rest 

Your body needs some rest after all this healthy exercise. At least 15 minutes of rest in the designated area is just as important as the previous one. You have lost moisture during your stay in the sauna cabin: during your rest break, you can replenish this with a healthy drink.

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Ladies night at Thermae 2000 (incl. high wine)

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Get your girlfriend, colleague, mother or daughter together for a fun evening and go into the weekend relaxed! The next Ladies Night will take place on Friday 1st of September.

  • Fun and relaxed Friday evening
  • Ladies-only workshops and activities
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Wellness Duo Beer Package

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For all beer and wellness fans who, like us, love luxury, nature and Limburg! A unique private wellness experience and beer tasting, while enjoying a beautiful view:

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Summer special 2-day

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Waking up in the middle of nature, outdoor swimming with views over the Limburg hills and an extensive sunbathing area to enjoy the sun:

  • Wellness overnight stay incl. breakfast buffet
  • Summer cocktail
  • Arrival possible between 21 June and 22 September 2023
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Wellness and Taste

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Add a delicious dinner to your wellness day for some extra pampering. A wellness visit on top of the Cauberg is only complete with a burgundian touch.

  • All day access to wellness facilities with bath and sauna landscape
  • Mixboard deluxe
  • 2-course menu combi at Restaurant Bread & Bites
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