An environment full of nature

Thermae 2000 is located on the top of the Cauberg at Valkenburg. The ‘Zuid-Limburgse Heuvelland’ will give you the feeling of a little holiday in France, but you’re still in The Netherlands. Combine wellness weekend with a walk through our beautiful environment or pay a visit to Valkenburg or Maastricht.

Relaxing in Limburg

A weekend trip or a getaway. In Limburg there’s something for everybody. You’ll never be bored due to the large amount of activities, sights and the beautiful nature. If you want to experience a full relaxation, then you should definitely go to Limburg.  The province is surrounded by Belgium and Germany. You can visit these two countries in one time at ‘Drielandenpunt’. Limburg is definitely worth a visit!

Exploring Valkenburg

The history of Valkenburg has a many sieges and conquests. Valkenburg (and especially the fortress) survived these sieges and after the sieges there was always a restoration. Make sure you see the fortress during your visit to Valkenburg and go back in time and experience the history of Valkenburg. After the short history lesson it’s nice to have a drink and a meal in one of the many restaurants and cafes in Valkenburg.

Cities nearby

Get more out your visit to Zuid-Limburg and go visit the surrounding cities. Valkenburg is a stone’s throw away from cities as Maastricht, Aken and Luik. These cities are perfect  for a getaway to learn more about the environment.


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