Reducing energy consumption

It will not have escaped your notice; energy prices are skyrocketing and we have to cut back on gas. En masse, the Netherlands is turning back the thermostat (or off altogether) and going into economy mode. 

That a sauna and wellness resort is a major consumer of energy is no news. In recent years, Thermae 2000 has already invested heavily in sustainability. For instance, our saunas are already off gas and are heated electrically. TU Delft conducted a study focusing on maintaining the water temperature at night. Following this study, we installed a glass fence around the outdoor pool, for instance.

Koppel langs de rand van het buitenbad kijken naar zonsopgang.

Phased start-up of saunas

Depending on the number of guests in the house (or expected in the house), we start up the saunas in our sauna area in phases. For example, in the morning, on a quiet day, not all saunas may yet be warm. 

If the sauna is not yet fully up to temperature, a sign will hang on the respective sauna. You can use another sauna at this time.

Twee vrouwen in badjas zitten in de Stuga sauna.

Frequently asked questions

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