Thermae For Me Classic

If you prefer ‘pure nature’ then choose our own new top brand Thermae for me. The secret of Thermae for me? The products have an anti-aging effect and most are cosmeceuticals. This means that its between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in and therefore the productline is very effective. The Thermae for me line is also perfect for people with a sensitive skin or skin problem.

Thermae For Me Classic 25 minutes

Ideal short facial treatment for various skin types. The skin is cleansed with a deep peeling with an enzyme peeling. The skin is fed with serums, eye cream and a day cream. The treatment is concluded with a facial massage.

Thermae For Me Classic 50 minutes

Do you want to enjoy a facial treatment longer? At the Thermae For Me Classic 50 minutes the treatment is extended with a gel mask, epilation of the eyebrows, removal of impurities and a facial and décolleté massage.

Duo treatment

Enjoy your Thermae For Me Classic of  25 min. together For € 80, - or the Thermae For Me Classic 50 min. For € 125, -

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25 min.
 > 7 days  7- 2 days   < 2 days
€ 36,50 € 38,50 € 42,50

50 min.
 > 7 days  7- 2 days  < 2 days
€ 57,50 € 60,- € 67,50