Hand and foot care

Cosmetic foot care

Care your feet and nails deserve.

Cosmetic foot care 50 minutes

There are all sorts of factors that affect your foot hygiene and health. Footwear, underfloor heating, soap, medication, stress and nutrition. All these elements have positive and negative effects on the hydration of your feet. When it gets out of balance, there is a risk of losing the natural foot protection that can lead to calluses, poor circulation and fissures. A cosmetic foot care improves circulation, making your feet feel completely soft and fresh again.

During cosmetic foot care, your feet will be groomed, scrubbed and excessive calluses will be removed. Besides refreshing your feet, blood flow is also stimulated leading to a condition improvement of the skin.

Cosmetic foot care consists of:

  • Cutting the nails
  • Rasping calluses and exfoliating your feet
  • A relaxing foot massage followed by a nourishing paraffin wrap
  • Closing with the application of your favourite colour polish
  • Finally, get your favourite nail polish colour as a gift to take home

Online €5 discount

When you add a treatment to your booking online, you save €5 per treatment. This can be done by adding a treatment during the reservation, or afterwards in your personal account by choosing one of the facial or body treatments.