Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms Thermae 2000

The hotel of Thermae 2000 has been built in the Cauberg. With a total of 62 rooms, the first wellness center in the Netherlands created the opportunity for guests to stay overnight in a luxurious atmosphere.

If you stay one or more nights in the hotel you have the choice between different types of rooms. Discover the special structure of the hotel with our inclined elevator and the special atmosphere of each room with the facilities that are available.

2021-Badkamer1.jpg 2021-Badkamer1.jpg
Classic-double4.jpg Classic-double4.jpg
Superior-relax-3.jpg Superior-relax-3.jpg
Koffiehoekje-met-badjassen.jpg Koffiehoekje-met-badjassen.jpg
2021-Badkamer-close-staand.jpg 2021-Badkamer-close-staand.jpg
2021-Badkamer-close.jpg 2021-Badkamer-close.jpg
2021-Badkamer2.jpg 2021-Badkamer2.jpg
2021-Badkamer3.jpg 2021-Badkamer3.jpg
Classic-double-badjasclose.jpg Classic-double-badjasclose.jpg
Classic-double.jpg Classic-double.jpg
Classic-double2.jpg Classic-double2.jpg
Classic-double3.jpg Classic-double3.jpg
Classic-twin.jpg Classic-twin.jpg
Superior-relax-2.jpg Superior-relax-2.jpg
Superior-relax-4.jpg Superior-relax-4.jpg
Superior-relax-stoel.jpg Superior-relax-stoel.jpg
Superior-relax.jpg Superior-relax.jpg
Terras-hotelkamers.jpg Terras-hotelkamers.jpg