Wellness Massage

Enjoy a wellness massage to fully loosen your muscles. The muscles will be massaged for a better blood circulation and metabolism. This massage also allows the muscles' condition to become better, while you get to relax completely. This massage is based on sport and classical massage techniques. You will get the choice between a relaxing or stimulating massage. 

What is a wellness massage?

You will get a choice between a 25 or 50 minutes wellness massage. If you choose the 25 minutes massage, you can choose which part of the body will be massaged: the neck, shoulders, back, or front- and back of your legs. If you choose the 50 minutes massage, your entire body will be massaged. 

The effect of a wellness massage

The goal of a wellness massage is to give a better blood circulation to the muscles that are most heavily strained and to activate these muscles in order to create extra metabolism. The muscles will then be more resistant against efforts and forces that happen in daily life. The wellness massage can work therapeutic for everyone. The massage is especially good for you in case you have a muscle pain or have made a wrong movement in your back, neck, or anywhere else in the body. 

The wellness massage has an effect on both the mental and physical aspect of daily activities. Durin this massage, you will completely relaxed and your muscles will be completely loosened. A better blood circulation will be created which will allow you to move easier and prevents muscle pains and muscle exhaustion. In short, your muscle's condition is made better.  

Online €5 discount

When you add a treatment to your booking online, you save €5 per treatment. This can be done by adding a treatment during the reservation, or afterwards in your personal account by choosing one of the facial or body treatments.

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