Saunas at Thermae 2000

The sauna has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures. Visiting a sauna will boost your immune system and it has a lot more positive effects for your well being. It’s also the ideal way to clean your skin. Get more out of your sauna visit!

Why is sauna good for your health?

During a visit to the sauna your body will experience a true health boost, especially your blood circulation. Your immune system will be raised and you will feel completely clean, fit and relaxed. The sauna will give your body a training and it will refresh your fluid reserves and it will improve your immune system. We’ll also have special sauna pourings where we’ll pore water and etheric oil on the hot stones in the outdoor saunas. A day of wellness is beneficial for body and mind!

Which saunas do we have?

Thermae 2000 has an extensive offer of various saunas. There are nine saunas and two steam baths in total. In addition to the regular use there’ll be various free sauna pourings every day. Click on the desired sauna for more information.

Sauna packages

Your visit to the sauna will be even more pleasant when you’ll alternate it by swimming in our thermal water. The water from our own springs in the Cauberg has the German predicate ‘Ursprungliches reines Wasser’ and it’s beneficial for the relaxation of your muscles, joints and your skin. Make a special day of your sauna visit with one of the sauna packages.

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