Sauna with panoramic view where daily Aufguss sessions are given by our professional sauna masters. The surroundings, the materials and the appearance of pure tranquillity give this building an infinite experience. All the senses are stimulated to exchange the chaos of everyday life for an oasis of peace.


The Aufguss is a sensational experience for body and mind! This is also referred to as a Löyly (Finnish), which is a freely translated version of an Aufguss. A splash of water is poured onto the Periodiet stones, this water then evaporates and is absorbed into the air as small water particles. As a result, the air humidity increases and the sauna temperature becomes warmer and more intense. The employee (sauna master) then uses various techniques to bring this air into motion. (We advise you to always listen to your own body. If you have any questions about your own personal sauna visit, you can always contact one of our employees). Due to the increased humidity and the intensive warming of the skin, the body will sweat more and the blood circulation of the skin will be optimized. Does it feel too warm for you? No problem, you can leave the sauna at any time.


Dressed or undressed?

The saunas at Thermae 2000 you can enjoy on regular days without bathing suits. Before your visit, check the undressed or swimwear days, so you won't be surprised!