With or without swimwear in the sauna?

With or without swimwear in the sauna?

The use of sauna exists for thousands of years. If you want a traditional sauna ritual you don’t wear swimwear. On mix days it’s required to wear swimwear in pools. However, in the sauna area it’s required go naked. Thermae 2000 was originally a Health Resort. Therefor, we decided to ask visitors to wear swimwear in the pool area. Mix days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends (with the exception of every first full weekend of the month). Read further for these special theme days.

Check out the calendar with swimwear- and nude days in 2020.

Nude days every Thursday

Do you have more interest in the original sauna ritual en do you love to go naked in our thermal pools? Than you should plan your visit on a nude day. Every Thursday is nude day. On these days it’s required to go naked in the sauna and in our pools.