With or without swimwear in the sauna?

The use of the sauna has existed for many thousands of years. With traditional use of the sauna, bathing suits should preferably be omitted. At Thermae 2000 we offer several days on which bathing suits are allowed or not.

Looking for a wellness day with swimwear? On mixed days it is always compulsory to wear swimwear in the wellness area. This means that it is mandatory to wear swimwear in the baths. However, wearing swimwear is not allowed in the sauna facilities on these mix days.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend
Mix day Swimwear day Mix day Nude day Mix day* Mix day*

* Except swimwear weekends; every first full weekend of the month. The swimwear weekend starts Friday from 17.00 hrs. Extra swimwear weekends have been added in the months of July & August 2022.

Swimwear day: Sauna and bathing landscape only accessible with swimwear
Mix day: Sauna landscape without swimwear, bathing landscape with swimwear
Nude day: Sauna and bathing landscape only accessible without bathing clothes

View the calendar of swimsuit and nude days in 2022 here.

Tip: don't forget your swimwear on mix days

Thermae 2000 originated as a spa, this contributed to the choice of wearing swimwear in the thermal baths. The mix days include Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends (except every first full weekend of the month). Read on for more information about the special theme days.