Ice bath workshop

Ice bath workshop in Valkenburg aan de Geul

Do you want to become healthier, more vital, happier and stronger? Do you experience stress, setbacks or depressive feelings that you want to learn to deal with better? Then expose yourself to a new challenge: the ice bath. A must on every bucket list, no matter what your goal is!

Why should I go into an ice bath?

Stepping into an ice-cold bath initially goes against nature. We have a natural aversion to cold. Cold temperatures are associated with an uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling and anxiety. Yet an ice bath has both physical and mental benefits. You get more energy, you recover faster (after an athletic effort, for example), you sleep better and you improve blood circulation. By stepping into an ice bath, you learn to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. You learn to release stress without fighting and become aware of your own body and breathing. Thermae 2000's basic philosophy "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano," a healthy mind in a healthy body, fits perfectly with this.

On this page we explain all about the ice bath & wellness workshop.


The workshop ice bath is only possible in combination with a day entrance or hotel stay at Thermae 2000. The ice bath workshop is included in an ice bath & wellness package, which also includes a day entrance and nice extras. Do you already have a wellness entrance or are you staying in our hotel? Then book a separate workshop via this page.

Practical information:

  • The workshop takes place in groups (maximum 10 people)
  • During the workshop it is mandatory to wear swimwear (also on Thursdays)
  • The workshop will be given in Dutch or English
  • The workshop starts with theory and breathing exercises, followed by the ice bath.
  • Prior to the workshop you need to fill in a health statement. You will receive this by email in advance
  • The workshop will take place from 1pm to 2.30pm and is only available on the following days:
    • Saturday 16 March
    • Saturday 22 June
    • Saturday 21 September
    • Saturday 21 December

*By making a reservation you agree that Thermae 2000 shares your e-mail address with Messcherp for the purpose of filling out the health declaration. You will receive the health declaration two days in advance by e-mail from Messcherp. Do you make the reservation later? Then there is the possibility to fill in the health declaration on the spot.