Ice bath & wellness workshop

Do you want to become healthier, more vital, happier and stronger? Do you experience stress, setbacks or depressive feelings that you want to learn to deal with better? Then expose yourself to a new challenge: the ice bath. A must on every bucket list, no matter what your goal is!


Would I go into a bathtub with ice?

Stepping into an ice-cold bath initially goes against nature. We have a natural aversion to cold. Cold temperatures are associated with an uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling and anxiety. Yet an ice bath has both physical and mental benefits. You get more energy, you recover faster (after an athletic effort, for example), you sleep better and you improve blood circulation. By stepping into an ice bath, you learn to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. You learn to release stress without fighting and become aware of your own body and breathing. Thermae 2000's basic philosophy "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano," a healthy mind in a healthy body, fits perfectly with this.

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Cursist zit in het ijsbad onder begeleiding van een instructeur.
Groep cursisten krijgt theorie voorafgaand aan het ijsbad, volgens de Wim Hof methode.

Structure of the workshop

Duration: 90 minutes

 After an extensive preparation in which theory about cold training and ice baths is explained, various breathing exercises are performed according to the Wim Hof method. This trains your mindset and prepares you well for the ice bath. Under the guidance of a professional instructor from Messcherp, you then step confidently into the ice bath. When you come out of the bath, a few exercises will follow to warm up your body again. Afterwards you can enjoy all day of all the extensive spa and wellness facilities and apply the knowledge you have acquired immediately in practice. For example, Thermae 2000 has various cold showers and plunge pools to get out of the cold, and various rest rooms to get started with breathing exercises.

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Effects on your body

After taking an ice bath

What are the effects of an ice bath workshop on your body?

  • It reduces stress and you learn to cope better with stressful situations
  • You get more energy
  • You recover faster after physical exertion
  • It relieves autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism
  • It improves your metabolism
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
  • It improves concentration
  • You have an increased cold tolerance
  • You strengthen your willpower
  • It has a positive effect on creativity
  • Happiness hormones are released

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Het ijsbad wordt gevuld door de instructeur met ijsklontjes,
Cursisten staan om het ijsbad terwijl cursist in het ijsbad zit.

Package contents

For €139.95 p.p.

The ice bath & wellness package includes:

  • Day admission Thermae 2000
  • Theory and breathing exercises
  • Under supervision in the ice bath
  • A healthy smoothie of your choice in The Loungebar
  • A bottle of mineral water (0,75 liter) of your choice in The Loungebar

Already have a day admission or hotel stay, but would like to add the ice bath workshop to your wellness visit? The workshop can also be added separately.

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Team Building

Business workshop

The workshop takes place in a group setting. Even though the workshop is focused on the individual, on your own breathing and awareness, tap into the power of the group before you actually lower yourself into the bath of ice cubes. So a true boost to your team's connection!

Are you looking for a unique team building activity? Let's discuss the possibilities together and contact us at

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Cursist voert oefeningen uit na het ijsbad om het lichaam weer op te warmen.
Groep cursisten krijgt theorie voorafgaand aan het ijsbad, waarin de theorie van Wim Hof besproken wordt.

After the ice bath & wellness workshop

  • You have gotten to know your body better, and you know how to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations
  • You can work on confronting yourself (experience shows that this workshop motivates you to stop smoking or exercise more often, for example)
  • You will live more consciously
  • You will know how to apply cold training in your daily life, making you stronger and experiencing even more positive health benefits

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About Messcherp

The trick is to teach people how to influence that Mindset. And so that an unpleasant situation does not have to determine that you feel and act accordingly. And that you therefore have the power to make a conscious (different) choice. We make people aware and hopefully a little healthier and happier.

Sjoerd | Founder

About Messcherp

Cursist wordt voorbereid op het ijsbad door instructeur.