An eucalyptus sauna is a sauna where a pleasant scent is spread. The eucalyptus scent makes you experience a more pleasant atmosphere in the sauna cabin. 

After spending a day at Thermae 2000 you will feel reborn. Take a look in this sauna. Using the eucalyptus sauna allows you to experience multiple advantages for your health. 

Advantages of the sauna

The eucalyptus sauna is a traditionally built sauna. The atmosphere of this sauna is determined by the smell. Eucalyptus has a relieving effect on respiratory problems, is refreshing and increases concentration. The eucalyptus evaporates through the evaporator above the sauna.  

Dressed or undressed?

In the saunas in Thermae 2000 you can enjoy on regular days without bathing clothes. During bathing days swimwear is also mandatory in the saunas. Check the undressed or bathing days before your visit, so you won't be faced with any surprises!