Ruusu sauna

One of our saunas is the Ruusu sauna. In the center of this sauna is the sauna oven. The Finnish Ruusu sauna brings a special atmosphere. The combination of materials and the oven in the middle of the sauna ensure this.

In this sauna you will experience a healing effect and a special atmosphere. The way of firing contributes to this atmosphere. Really unwind with Finnish rituals.

A healing effect

Ruusu is the Finnish word for rose. A synonym for beauty and perfection. The rose is at the centre of this sauna, with a sauna oven by Rozenquartz. A type of stone where a healing effect is attributed. The combination of materials, light and motifs creates a special atmosphere, which is enhanced by the bowl filled with water and essential rose oil above the sauna furnace, the contents of which evaporate slowly and have a particularly relaxing effect. The temperature of the Ruusu sauna is 75 ºC.

Dressed or undressed?

In the saunas in Thermae 2000 you can enjoy on regular days without bathing clothes. During swimwear days swimwear is also mandatory in the saunas. Check the undressed or bathing days before your visit, so you won't be faced with any surprises!