Steam baths

Roman and Turkish steam bath

Both the Roman as Turkish steam bath have, looking to the history, common goals. Both areas serve as a bathhouse and social center. The distinction between the two steam baths is due to the differences in architecture.

The characteristics of a Roman steam bath

Roman baths were traditionally large ground-floor rooms where people could sit on marble plates on the side. This space called it also Caldarium, Thermae 2000 approached that method. Due to the design, in the Roman steam bath temperature almost equal, since there is only one level. In addition, we added a fresh lemon scent in the Roman bath. This is purifying, degreasing, insect resistant and air refreshing.

The characteristics of a Turkish steam bath

The Turkish steam bath has the primal form of a dome shape. Again, we have approached this shape. The large differences in steam baths at Thermae 2000 are therefore determined by the design. In the Turkish steam bath you can take place at different levels. The higher you sit, the higher the perceived temperature. Here is added mint / eucalyptus scent. This is refreshing, cooling and increases concentration. The temperature is in both steam baths between 43 and 48 degrees.


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