Steam baths

During a wellness day, be sure to visit one of our steam baths. At Thermae 2000 you will find two different steam baths, the Roman and the Turkish steam bath. In both steam baths you can enjoy a temperature between 43 and 48 degrees.

Steam baths have a high humidity, which has a positive effect on your airways. However, this high humidity also creates misty fog. Because of this, everything is wet and it is important to be careful. Therefore do not bring a towel inside. When entering, before sitting down, use the hose with water to clean the bench. Sit down, enjoy and experience the positive effects of the steam bath.

From a historical point of view, both the Roman and the Turkish steam bath have common goals. Both rooms serve as a bathhouse and social centre. The difference between both steam baths can be attributed to the differences in architecture. In addition, to both steam baths a different scent is added that has a healing effect on body and mind. The temperature in both steam baths is between 43 and 48 degrees. A steam bath is therefore very suitable for people who cannot cope well with high temperatures and dry air.

Roman steam bath

Roman baths were traditionally large, ground floor rooms where one could sit on marble slabs on the side. This space was also called Caldarium, at Thermae 2000 this form was approached. Because of the design, the temperature in the Roman steam bath is almost the same, there is only one level. In addition, in the Roman bath a fresh lemon scent is added. This has a purifying, degreasing, insect repellent and air freshening effect.  

Turkish bath

The Turkish steam bath has a dome shape as its primal form. Here, too, this shape has been approached. The big differences in steam baths at Thermae 2000, are thus determined by the design. In the Turkish bath one can sit on different levels. The higher one sits, the higher the sensation temperature is. Here a mint/eucalyptus scent is added. This is refreshing, cooling and increases the ability to concentrate. 

The Turkish steam bath has been renewed!

The design of the mosaic and the colours are not chosen by chance. Thermae 2000 is closely linked to nature, the springs in the Cauberg and the view over the Limburg gully valley. We also want this connection with nature to be reflected inside the building. For this reason, the mosaic at the bottom shows the brown tones of the clay soil, which slowly change into green colours of grass and leaves, which in turn turn turn into blue skies and rays of sunshine.

Dressed or undressed?

In the saunas in Thermae 2000, you can enjoy on regular days without bathing clothes. During bathing days, swimwear is also compulsory in the saunas. Check the undressed or bathing days before your visit, so you won't be faced with any surprises!


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Hotel Lazy Sunday Special

from 114.5p.p.

Treat yourself to an extra long weekend. Book an overnight stay, from Sunday until Monday, and start the new week in a calm and relaxing manner. 

  • Overnight stay including breakfast and a late check out
  • Two full days of access to all wellness facilities
  • A bottle of bubbles on hotel room 
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Spring hotel special (2-day)

from 134.5p.p.

It's time to embrace spring and treat yourself to a well-deserved wellness overnight stay in beautiful South Limburg. Leave the winter dip behind and recharge yourself with new energy. Wake up in the middle of a natural environment and completely unwind.

  • Hotel stay in our four-star wellness hotel on top of the Cauberg incl. breakfast
  • Two full days of access to all wellness facilities
  • Extras such as a honey rub, spring cocktail and seasonal special
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Spring Special

from 64.95p.p.

It's time to embrace spring and treat yourself to a well-deserved wellness day at Thermae 2000! Leave the winter blues behind and recharge yourself with new energy. Hear the birds singing and taste the surprising seasonal specials on the menu.

  • A full day's access to all spa and wellness facilities
  • Honey rub in the sauna
  • Spring cocktail and seasonal special (main course)
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Wellness and Taste

from 69.95p.p.

Add a delicious dinner to your wellness day for some extra pampering. A wellness visit on top of the Cauberg is only complete with a burgundian touch.

  • All day access to wellness facilities with bath and sauna landscape
  • Mixboard deluxe
  • 2-course menu combi at Restaurant Bread & Bites
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