Tuli sauna

Tuli sauna

Tuli means Fire. The fireplace is central in the Tuli sauna and is therefor placed in the middle of the sauna. The Tuli sauna was originally a sauna where you should sit. This can be recognized by the way the benches are divided into the sauna. The upper bench is wide enough to sit and the lower bench is wide enough to put your feet on.

Natural sauna with crafts

This sauna has a temperature of 90 degrees. The special feature of this sauna is that it is constructed from rough tree trunks, which are custom made on site during the construction of the sauna. Also the chimney is completely made by hand. The roof has an ecological value, the vegetation is landscaped as natural as possible. We used special plants, including mosses, succulents, herbs and grasses. The fire creates the atmosphere in the sauna. After all, watching flames benefit relaxation and works meditating.

A natural sauna

The Tuli sauna is made up of rough tree trunks, which were custom-made on the spot during the construction of this sauna. The fireplace is also completely handmade. The roof has an ecological value. The roof vegetation of this Tuli sauna is as natural as possible. Special plants are used, including mosses, succulents, herbs and grasses. The fire serves for the atmosphere in the sauna, after all, watching the flames enhances relaxation and can have a meditative effect.

Dressed or undressed?

In the saunas in Thermae 2000 you can enjoy on regular days without bathing clothes. During swimwear days swimwear is also mandatory in the saunas. Check the undressed or bathing days before your visit, so you won't be faced with any surprises!


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