Valo sauna

The Finnish Valo sauna is a sauna with a relatively low temperature. The humidity, on the other hand, is high and there is a surprising atmosphere in the cabin. The small lights in the ceiling of the sauna create a starry sky, which changes colour from time to time. Together with the music, this creates an optimal atmosphere.

Valo is the Finnish word for light. The Valo bath has the name Valo-bad because the temperature is relatively low and the humidity is relatively high. The hundreds of small lights together with the music, which sounds softly, create an optimal atmosphere in the cabin. 


The effect of colours on body and mind

This sauna is electrically heated to about 60 degrees Celsius. The colors in the sauna change every 3 minutes, these colors have a certain effect on body and mind.

Red: Stimulates blood circulation and promotes blood circulation.
Yellow: Has a positive effect on the nerves.
Green: Influences the airways and has a soothing effect.
Blue: Relates to the stomach and promotes a good night's sleep.

Dressed or undressed?

In the saunas in Thermae 2000 you can enjoy on regular days without bathing clothes. During swimwear days swimwear is also mandatory in the saunas. Check the undressed or bathing days before your visit, so you won't be faced with any surprises!