Valo sauna

Finish Valo sauna

Valo is the Finnish word for light. The Valo sauna has named Valo because the temperature is relatively low and the air humidity ratio is high. Hundreds of tiny lights create a starry sky, which changes from time to time in color. Along with the music that sounds softly this provides an optimal atmosphere in the cabin.

Lemon, stimulating and uplifting

The granite ball is key, from which has silently flowing water enriched with essential oils. That special scent fills the room and thus contributes to a further relaxation. Mainly lemon fragrance is used. Lemon is a stimulating invigorating scent. Increases resistance, refreshes the mind and help improve concentration.

The effect of color on the body and mind

This sauna is electrically heated up to about 50 degrees Celsius. The colors in the sauna change every 3 minutes, these colors have a certain effect on body and mind.

Red: Stimulates and promotes circulation and blood flow.
Yellow: Has a positive effect on the nerves.
Green: Influences respiratory system and has a soothing effect.
Blue: Is in relation to the stomach and promotes restful sleep.