Vihta & Vasta Saunas

Thermae 2000 consists of indoor and outdoor saunas. In the outdoor sauna you are even closer to nature and the humidity is determined by the weather conditions. When the humidity outside is high, the humidity in the cabin will also be higher. Because of this, the atmosphere in the sauna will vary from day to day.

The outdoor sauna is built in a traditional way. The sauna is divided into two saunas, both with a temperature of 90 degrees. An outdoor sauna differs considerably from an indoor sauna. The conditions in the sauna cabin depend on the weather conditions.


Thermae's outdoor sauna offers a sensational experience for body and mind! There are many daily Aufgusses in the outdoor saunas. This is also called a Löyly (Finnish), freely translated as an Pouring. In the casting sauna a splash of water is poured on the Periodite stones, this water evaporates and is absorbed into the air as small water particles. The humidity rises and the temperature in the sauna gets warmer and more intense. The employee (sauna master) then uses various techniques to move this air. We advise you to always listen to your own body. If you have any questions about your own personal sauna, you can always contact one of our employees. Due to the increased humidity in the sauna and the intensive warming up of the skin, the body will sweat more and the blood circulation in the skin will be optimized. Does it feel too hot for you? No problem, you can leave the sauna at any time.

Dressed or undressed?

In the saunas in Thermae 2000 you can enjoy on regular days without bathing clothes. During swimwear days swimwear is also mandatory in the saunas. Check the undressed or bathing days before your visit, so you won't be faced with any surprises!