Thermae 2000 is open 365 days a year. A visit to the wellness is possible all year round. Whether it is 30 degrees and the sun is shining, or if it is freezing and you need warmth. In any season and at any temperature, a visit to the sauna and thermal baths has benefits for body and mind. Besides saunas and baths, there is much more to experience on top of the Cauberg.

Visiting Thermae 2000 in the spring

A wellness day in spring

Leave winter behind and taste spring atop the Cauberg, with stunning views of the South Limburg hill country. Behold the changing nature from a great height. There are several indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools with a view and outdoor showers. With an extensive sunbathing lawn and various catering facilities, there is plenty of room to enjoy a good book, (cooling) drink and Limburg snack board outside.

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Koppel geniet in buitenbad met thermaal water, met zonsopgang in Zuid-Limburg.
Dame in bikini geniet van de zon in buitenbad.

Summer day on top of the Cauberg

Enjoying outdoor pools in peace

Need to cool off in an outdoor pool but don't feel like being noisy? At Thermae 2000, enjoy the outdoor pool and all other facilities in peace and quiet. Now that your skin is having a hard time with greasy sun creams, it is good to cleanse it during a sauna day.

Moreover, you will find cooling in our plunge pools. Our mineral bath has a temperature of 19 degrees and our thermal bath has a temperature of around 24 degrees. A fine way to escape the heat and cool off for a while. Read more benefits of a wellness visit in hot weather here.

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Autumn in Valkenburg aan de Geul

Time to relax

Did you know that a sauna visit is a true boost to the immune system? Your resistance is increased and you feel completely clean, fit and relaxed again. The sauna gives your body a workout, refreshes fluid reserves and builds up resistance. So you are more resistant to the upcoming winter period.

Enjoy our wide range of saunas, (heated) indoor and outdoor pools and relaxing rest rooms.

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Twee vrouwen in badjas zitten in de Stuga sauna.
Koppel ontspant in hammamdoek in de Tuli sauna.

Winter in South Limburg

Brr come and warm up

In winter, warm up in our heated pools and steaming saunas. During a sauna visit, waste products are removed, and your body gets a real health kick. You will also enjoy delicious regional dishes and hot drinks by the fireplace in our restaurants.

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